Access Barriers for Marine Products Exporters in Andhra Pradesh

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K. Vijaya Sekhar
T. Durga Prasad
A. Irin Sutha
G. Jitendra
N. Visalakshi


Abstract: The current study examines the barriers faced by marine product exporters
in Andhra Pradesh, India. These are categorised into infrastructural, operational,
human resource, financial, raw material, general, and exporting process barriers. The
present study is descriptive in nature, and surveys 115 marine exporters from Andhra
Pradesh. Cronbach’s alpha and factor analysis are used to assess the reliability of the
questionnaires and indicate a good reliability score between the variables. Following that,
we used a single-factor Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) test to determine the significance
of the variables. Finally, the findings show that infrastructural, general, and exporting
process barriers have a positive significant relationship with export performance, whereas
human resource, financial, raw material and operational barriers have a negative
significant relationship. This study can be beneficial to state and central governments
by increasing foreign reserves and tax revenue, increasing employment opportunities,
expanding the global market, properly utilising natural resources, and improving banks’
financial schemes.


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