Announcement of Editorial Board, 2021-2022

Research Ethics


For research involving human subjects, authors should include evidence of ethical approval, including the name of the committee that provided approval, within the manuscript. If no approval was granted, authors must be able to provide sufficient evidence for why their studies should be exempted from this policy. Authors are encouraged to explain the reason for the exemption within the manuscript.

CRediT Author Statement


Kindly take note of the following requirement in the submission guidelines:

  • The number of authors for each manuscript is limited to a maximum of five (5) authors and the description of their diverse contributions should be provided in the cover page at the point of submission. A sample of the CRediT (contributor roles taxonomy): (i) conceptualization/ formulation of ideas; (ii) development/ design of methodology; (iii) data collection/ curation;  (iv) formal analysis/ techniques; and (v) writing - original draft.

Double-Blind Review Process


All research articles in the journal undergo a rigorous peer review. The process consists of an initial screening by the Editor-In-Chief, Deputy Editor and Associate Editors, followed by double-blind refereeing: two reviewers for each article.

Please note that the review process can take up to 4-months. This is the minimum period for the review process. The journal does not condone a "fast track publication" request.  

Submission Guidelines


All authors are encouraged to read the submission guidelines give at the journal webpage before making your submissions to avoid your paper from being desk rejected.  The guidelines can be found at:

Kindly note that the journal is no longer accepting systematic reviews of the literature.

Inquiries on Status of Submission


Kindly indicate your manuscript ID when making any inquiries about the status of your submission via email. This is important for us to track your manuscript.

Publication Fee


Submissions from 1/1/2024 and that have been accepted for publication after the double-blind review process will be subject to a publication fee of RM500/-.


New Associate Editor


Introducing a new member to the Editorial Team of the Institutions and Economies journal:

Dr. Muhammad Aizat bin Zainal Alam, Associate Editor (Public Administration, Institutions and Governance Section), Department of Economics, Faculty of Business and Economics, Universiti Malaya.


Record of Appreciation - Outgoing Associate Editor


On behalf of the Editorial Board, we would like to express our sincere thanks to one of our Associate Editors, Dr. Nurussaadah Mokhtar, who will no longer be with the journal, effective November 2023.

New Editorial Board (2023-2024)


Introducing the new Editorial Board (2023-2024) for the Institutions and Economies journal. Please refer to the journal webpage for the Editorial Team.

New Associate Editor


Dr. Nurul Liyana Mohd Kamil, Associate Editor (Public Administration, Institutions and Governance Section)

Author Submission Guidelines


Kindly follow the submission guidelines given at the journal's homepage:

Submissions that do not adhere to the above guidelines will be desk rejected.