Organisational Justice and its Role in Promoting Citizenship Behaviour among Hotel Employees in Malaysia

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Ghee Wee Yu
Kamarul Zaman Ahmad
Sheau Fen Yap


This study examines the role of organisational justice in promoting organisational citizenship behaviour (OCB) and assesses leader-member exchange (LMX) as well as trust in supervisor as mediators. Data is collected from a total of 227 subordinate supervisors dyads from 16 hotels, located within the central region of Malaysia. Hypothesis is postulated on the relationship between employee’s perceived organisational justice and OCBs; it is also posited that LMX as well as trust in supervisor will mediate the effects of organisational justice on citizenship behaviour. The fndings reveal that procedural justice reports stronger relationship with all dimensions of OCB compared with distributive justice. Both LMX and trust in supervisor are found to be signifcantly related to organisational justice and citizenship behaviour. However, only LMX fully mediates the impact of organisational justice on citizenship behaviour. Conceptual and managerial implications of research findings are also discussed.


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