Transformation of Digital Management in Enterprises Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Boris Miethlich
Denis Belotserkovich
Samira Abasova
Еlena Zatsarinnaya
Oleg Veselitsky


This study aims to examine changes in enterprise management during the COVID-19 pandemic and develop a universal mechanism for managing digital transformation. Its methodological basis is represented by a terminological analysis of the concepts of automation, digitalisation and digital transformation. Their close consideration enables us to form a conceptual scheme of business digitalisation. In sum, the study process shows that full-fledged and fruitful digital transformation can be achieved through restructuring a company’s business process management system. By comparing the outcomes of using digital platform-based business models, the most promising one was selected for use. Its practical application was studied in Azerbaijan, Russia, and Switzerland using the Network Readiness Index (NRI). The analysis made it possible to form business development strategies for each country reviewed and to develop a universal mechanism for digital transformation management by means of optimisation and modelling. The findings suggest that in pandemic settings, digital enterprise management concentrates on survival, self-learning and cooperation without intermediaries through innovation and the transformation of business processes. The strategies can be used to adopt digital technologies and attract investment. Further research can be directed at detailing the proposed mechanism.


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