The Road to Sustainable Investing: Corporate Governance, Sustainable Development Goals, and the Financial Market

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Ooi Kok Loang


This study investigates the impact of corporate governance (CG) and sustainable development goals (SDGs) practices on financial markets and company performance in Malaysia compared to developed countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Singapore. The study uses panel data regression models to analyse the impact of CG and SDG adoption on stock return, volatility, investor sentiment, profitability, liquidity, and solvency from 2017 to 2021. The findings show that CG and SDG practices have a positive impact on financial market and company performance in both developed and developing countries. However, the strength and specific variables of the relationship differ depending on the country context. In developed countries, board responsibilities, remuneration, engagement with stakeholders, SDG4 (Quality Education), and SDG10 (Reduce Inequalities) are positively associated with stock return. In contrast, audit committee effectiveness and SDG8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), SDG11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), and SDG13 (Climate Action) are significant in Malaysia and Singapore. The study emphasizes the significance of context-specific factors in determining the effect of CG and SDG practices on financial market and company performance. It recommends Malaysia learn from developed countries’ best practices and adopt a tailored approach to implementation based on its country context.


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