Exploring Women's Retirement Literature through Bibliometric Analysis Using VOSviewer

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Mohamad N.E.A
Zainuddin H.A.
Rajadurai, J.
Sapuan N.M.


This paper aims to analyse the issue of women’s retirement (WR) literature through  bibliometric  analysis  using  VOSviewer,  a  programme  for  the  visualisation  of  similarities  (VOS).  Publications  focusing  on  women’s  retirement  were  compiled  from  the  Scopus  database,  with  a  total  of  393  items  spanning  the  years  1965  to  2021.  The  most  prolific  nations  for  retirement  literature  are  the  United  States,  United  Kingdom, and Sweden, which reflects the affiliation analysis that correlates highly with published papers  within  specific  institutions  in  those  three  countries.  The  issues  were  discussed within  the  context  of  social  sciences,  economics,  econometrics,  and  finance,  as  well  as psychology. This suggests an interlinking of women’s retirement with social and financial issues that might contribute towards psychological challenges for women. The most cited keywords, among others, are ‘retirement’, ‘women’ and ‘pension’, with thematic clusters being linked to ‘ageing’ and ‘health’. These could be linked to health problems that emerge because of ageing, and thus might be linked to the retirement wellbeing of women. The findings of this paper shed light on several implications that can be used as a guideline for researchers and act as a foundation before embarking on the emerging knowledge areas of women’s retirement.


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