Gross Capital Inflows in Indonesia: Exploring Bonanzas and Sudden Stops

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Syahid Izzulhaq
Muhammad Rizal Taufikurahman
Afaqa Hudaya
Mohammad Reza Hafiz Akbar


This paper examines episodes of capital bonanzas and sudden stops in Indonesia by utilising binary response models and several episode-identification approaches. Our identification suggests that whenever bonanza episodes occurred, capital sudden stop episodes followed in a more extended period. The estimations demonstrate that domestic factors are relatively dominant in determining the capital bonanzas, and the federal funds rate has a more significant impact on inducing the probability of capital sudden stops in Indonesia. We also found that Turkey and South Africa are the most contagious economies for Indonesia. This paper proposes some policy reforms to enhance the stability of capital inflows in Indonesia, including financial regulation and public finance policies such as a reverse Tobin tax and market-driven public debt rules.


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