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About IJIE

  Print ISSN: 2232-1640
E-ISSN: 2232-1349
Publisher: Faculty Economics & Administration, University of Malaya

This journal is targeted at advancing the study of institutions and the functioning of firms, organizations, networks and civil society in the demand and delivery of goods and services. The journal specifically promotes research on the role of institutions in allocating and coordinating social and economic needs of societies. The journal does not favour any particular institution but encourages that submissions justify empirically whatever position taken with a focus on the advancement of society.


The journal is devoted to promoting scholarly work that uses evolutionary approaches to examine social, political and economic change, and path-dependent, cumulative and multi-faceted drivers of institutions and institutional change, as well as societal development.The journal also has a strong interest in scientific papers that use empirical evidence to analytically examine institutions and institutional change in the Least Developed Countries.

Institutions and Economies is published by the University of Malaya. Besides standalone articles, the journal publishes review articles, comments and book reviews. Only original articles that are not under consideration by other publishers are welcome. Special issues are also welcome but interested special issue editors must submit a proposal to the Assistant Chief Editor for consideration.



Last update: 07-02-2017