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Special Issue
Volume 7 , Issue 3
Poverty Eradication and Rural Development: Essays in Honour of Ungku Aziz
Guest Editor(s) : Rajah Rasiah, Norma Mansor and VGR Chandran Govindaraju

Published Date : 07 Oct 2015

Book Review -Tun Abdul Razak§s Role in Malaysia§s Development
Norma Mansor, Sharifah Nabilah Syed Salleh

Book Review: Neighbourhood Governance in Urban China
Miao Zhang

Poverty Alleviation: The Absence of Understanding or the Understanding of Absence'
Amin Mokhtar, Rujhan Mustafa

Poverty in Malaysia: Need for a Paradigm Shift
Sulochana Nair, S. Sagaran

Self Help Groups as Modalities for Poverty Alleviation for Women in India
S. Hemavathy Nithyanandhan, Norma Mansor, Sulochana Nair

Reducing Poverty in Timor-Leste through Stimulating Growth and Structural Change
Rajah Rasiah, Zhang Miao

Colonial Land Law, Property Rights and Malay Peasant Inequalities: Ungku Aziz on Land Subdivision and Its Consequences
Jomo K. S.

Royal Professor Ungku Abdul Aziz: A Key Pillar in Malaysia§s Development
Rajah Rasiah, Norma Mansor, Chandran V. G. R

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