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Volume 1, Issue 1
Published Date : 06 Apr 2009

Tribute to Sanjaya Lall
Ajit Singh

Sanjaya Lall: The Scholar and the Policy Advisor
Rajah Rasiah

Policies for Promoting Technological Catch Up: A Post-Washington Approach
Slavo Radosevic

Globalization of Innovations: Changing Nature of India's Science and Technology Cooperation Policy
Pranav N. Desai

Ownership and Technological Intensities in Ugandan Manufacturing.
Rajah Rasiah

Can Latin America Learn from Developing Asia's Focused FDI Policies'
Michael Mortimore

The National Technology System Framework: Sanjaya Lall's Contribution to Appreciative Theory.
Mammo Muchie, Angathevar Baskaran

Outward FDI and Knowledge Flows: A Study of the Indian Automotive Sector
Jaya Prakash Pradhan, Neelam Singh

Book Review - Interventionary Instruments for Cluster Development: A Handbook
Rajah Rasiah

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