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Volume 4, Issue 2
Published Date : 04 Jul 2012

The Anatomy Of The Asian Take Off
Jakob B. Madsen, Md. Rabiul Islam

Competing for High-quality FDI: Management Challenges for Investment Promotion Agencies
José Guimón, Sergey Filippov

Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation Programmes for Development: Is Global Financing Getting it Right'


Knowledge Acquisition: Lessons from Local and Global Interaction in the Indonesian Consumer Electronics Sector
Yohanes Kadarusman

Management of Offshore R&D in China: Cross Country Differences in Motivation and Performance
Kazuyuki Motohashi

Sources of Innovation and Technology Capability Development in the Indian Automobile Industry
Dinar Kale

Shaping the Future of Medicine: The Effect of 'Selective' Choices on Tomorrow's Doctors
Susan Thomas, Amreeta Dhanoa, Uma D. Palanisamy

Review Article
Viswanathan Selvaratnam

Book Review
Jebamalai Vinanchiarachi

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