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Volume 4, Issue 1
Published Date : 05 Apr 2012

Implications of Liberalization of Trade on Economic Welfare of Producers and Consumers of Basmati Rice
Ajmal Waheed, Muhammad Zulfiqar, Anwar F. Chishti

University-Industry Collaboration as a Determinant of Innovation in Nigeria
Boladale Abiola Adebowale, Banji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka

Exploring the Spatial Dimensions of Rural Development Models in Malaysia 1957-2007
L.J. Fredericks

Public-Private Partnership as an Institutionalized Means for Effective Political Agency: The Case of Pemudah, Malaysia
HongLim Oei

Structural Adjustment and Crises ' Which Way Now'
Anis Chowdhury

Mentoring and Same Gender as a Predictor of Individuals' Psychosocial Behaviour: Case Study of a Malaysian University
Ali Boerhannoedin, Michael Kho Khian Jui, Azman Ismail

Review Article
Viswanathan Selvaratnam

Book Review
Santha Chenayah

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