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Volume 3, Issue 2
Published Date : 06 Jul 2011

The 8th GLOBELICS International Conference: A Summary
Rajah Rasiah

The Role of Institutions and Linkages in Learning and Innovation
Rajah Rasiah

Trade Liberalization, Technical Change and Firm Level Restructuring in the South African Automotive Component Sector
Anthony Black

Ownership and Technological Capabilities: Evidence from Automotive Firms in Brazil, India and South Africa
Rajah Rasiah

Patterns of Human Capital Development in Russia: Meeting the Challenge of Market Reforms and Globalization
Irina Soboleva

Natural Resource Industries, 'Tragedy of the Commons' and the Case of Chilean Salmon Farming
Jorge Katz, Michiko Iizuka

A Sectoral System of Innovation Analysis of Technological Upgrading in the Food Processing Sector in Argentina, Brazil and Chile
María Alejandra Molina

Globalization of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: Implications for Innovation
Nidhi Singh, Pramod Prajapati, Dinesh Abrol

Avoiding Environmental Convergence: A Possible Role for Sustainability Experiments in Latecomer Countries'
Rob Raven, Anna J. Wieczorek, Frans Berkhout

Book review - Representation, Identity and Multiculturalism in Sarawak
Ibrahim Ndoma

Book review - The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008
Rajah Rasiah

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